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  1. ables, doperrrrz, lingos. oh boys... :love2: bump bump bump.
  2. hooka hooka all over yer face. bounce bounce bounce with it. she want hooka hooka. you want hooka hooka. <3
  3. fg aint nothing but pretty hussy's and i love every single one of them. :love2:
  4. oh bigmanmcgee I love thee. :love2: your right all these people need to die. im thirsty and basically love 12 oz. right about now. but it wont last for long trust me.
  5. ya'll are so degrassi its not even funny. & by the way degrassi is the best thing ever on tv.
  6. big man mcgee is maddddd fresh. oh hoes swaaat up. :love2:
  7. bump bump bump for those rtl boyssssss.
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