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  1. you got flicks of those chili peppers? if so post dat shit
  2. keep dissin legals...seems like you need the practice but shit atleast show the whole dis, you know the shit on the side of the building..the same shit thats making the police try to eliminate ya as a leagl wall, and lets not foget the way you dissed sir yeps' peice too...or were u too afraid to show that one..don't worry u got yours coming...
  3. hmmm...."Advance Cover Co." huh... :rolleyes:
  4. first off, scribe shouldnt talk shit to people whove been doin shit for as long as guts has. he made a good point..scribe isnt up..legal walls are cool i guess but come on, graffiti is suppose to be illegal in a sense. it sucks that those toys dissed his wall but why dont you go and cap their shit back? cant believe yall cant handle a little beef. ..shit happens. Quoted post [/b] Peyote, you crack mwe up...haha... i guess you just don't know...and i wasnt talkin shit to guts just defending myself against someone who had nothing to do with the situation...bump to that boi hems an
  5. guess what...i really don't care bout the internet...as far as being up...ha you fools got no idea, like i said, just because you don't see ascribe bombed all city doesn't mean im not up, i got other names too, im just not inviting all the cops that browse this forum to come to my door step and put the cuffs on my hands...call me a toy... i really don't care cause only few know who i am and what im capable of and shit, im gonna keep it that way and KWC ill take you up on that offer...if thats what i got to do to get up...hahahahah :shook: :shook:
  6. definition of a toy ass move....
  7. Too all them KWC i didn't have any beef with you until now....You wanna diss my shit well you know all that westeimer and richmond shit you bragg abouyt so much, better peep it quick cause it,s not gonna be there long....don't play with fire
  8. first off you don't know me or how up i am, so shut the fuck up, i know you think im a wall fag, but i just like to fuck around there, i get up, just cause you don't seeor don't know, don't mean shit...the comment wasn't to you it was to them toy ass kids kwc so keep my name out your mouth
  9. Mote burns caper and groes, no contest, atleast he only comments to things, ya'll straight up fill up a whole page with shit talkin...go paint and tape your mouth shut, you'll probably get up alot faster
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