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  1. I know dudes I just got out of jail to.. I need a job. Most of you are at work..I remember all the spots as a young hoodlum.. Atb been around for a long time. I think they deserve our respect, but at times they need to rethink what they are going to diss.. Never seen pieces from the guys. But anyways this is all i saw.. Ill be going back to Virginia now..cheers'
  2. Yeah, brilliant observation, bitch! You think this thread/site is here so u jack asses can sit around and wait for some "bitch" to throw up her heart and soul just so u can talk about her titties and her fuckin sunburn? That burn comes from paintin in the sun all day, not sittin around talkin shit like a bunch of closed-minded Archie Bunkers. 12oz is for writers. PERIOD! that took all day?...shitty It don't matter if they're male or female, give respect to those who pay respect to the art, or you don't even know what graff's about. Quoted post Quoted post Quoted post [/b] grrr...lol :haha: :haha: :haha:
  3. you not gonna have kids youll be shooting duds
  4. ear snot and claw wow...thats infamy. oh man wheres my sleeping bag.
  5. ummm that maybe the essential difference between boxing and actual fighting. 1. you can hold 2 minutes with either of them niggas i give you dap 2. nick gannon aint dish out shit...he used to ali vs foreman tactic of wear em thin and tear em up 3. kimbo slice is ineffect not much of a self conciouse athelet...look at the pics...he "just want his bread" man
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