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  1. numero051

    Spray Paint

    Anyone know where I can get MTN 94 Matte Gold? Been looking and no one has it. Thanks in advance!!!
  2. numero051

    Spray Paint

    Thanks fellas, I'm in NY heading back to the midwest but I don't want to spend money or rack a bunch of paint I already got. Ground through UPS or USPS?
  3. numero051

    Spray Paint

    Has anyone tried mailing paint? I was thinking of sending to the destination in advance because I can't take it on the plane. Was thinking of packing it real tight and saying it's media mail with USPS. Anyone had any experience with this?
  4. Yeah, I figured I get that. Thanks for giving me the NYC welcome. And I would def love a ham sandwich. haha Are there not any left?
  5. I just moved here, are there any walls of fame left up?
  6. More JOKE CMW Bump the donut on the stick flic, hilarious.
  7. Bump Alma, and young bucks for putting in work. Here's some more of the old to school the new.
  8. Nah brova, I don't. There's so much stuff I never bothered to take a flic of, back in the day you wouldn't think about taking pics of random tags like it is now. I wish I took more flics, believe me! Here's another oldie I dug up from an old school crew that I don't see too many flics of nowadays. Kausing Much Damage on Kimball Milwaukee Diversey!
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