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  1. very nice post, YEPS. tell morg that i have not forgotten about him.
  3. hmm.... i saw a RH in cancun... geez, i wonder how it got there... bad miss v, bad... hahaha
  4. void oner vagina oner yes, there is a vagina(void) between my legs.
  5. hmmmmm....again with the "E" jocking.... this not looking good... wait, groes and caper have never been good... :yuck: stolen letters... :huh2: *tsk* *tsk*
  6. damn, tobar went back to monterrey....i sure do miss her.
  7. ^^^^ forget you!! BUMP MORE MR. JUMPERS
  8. you are just jealous cause, mine is bigger than yours. just put it in your mouth, already! :yuck:
  9. bump ascribe... you can't fuck with those 13 inches!! hahahaha
  10. whoa! whoa! whoa! thats my man, MR. SLOBER!!!! so, back off!! just know that i can hurt you with my 13 inches! hahahahha
  11. yes i do....and i get invited to all the midget parties.
  12. can anybody translate that spanish for me??? Quoted post [/b] cuándo estoy con ella estoy pensando en ti = when i am with her i am thinking about you. :love2: <!--QuoteBegin-83@Jan 11 2006, 04:14 AM i heard form a friend who knows a guy who once paid a girl 50 bucks to lick his toes that void has a 13 inch penis. and is sooooo emo it hurts. Quoted post and yes, 83...i do have a 13 inch penis...your sources are correct. :shook:
  13. lookie at what found during the fog....
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