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  1. Nothin' like catchin a couple slams broad day along the light rail with a couple cans I boosted from work...5T332 N5B PHILLY PA
  2. Anyone have any FUNSTER ficks
  3. anywhere to get montana in mpls? Starting to get that itch again
  4. Can anyone post the infamous mag boner interview
  5. Sum1 post flix of that fire extinguisher jawn on 94...that's been ridin for a min
  6. Bump rere w lady... rip rek south philly
  7. seen a lot of amazing pieces here in the tc, not too much street bombing except a couple uc slams.... looks like highways get buffed pretty quick here too..
  8. bump this page. and internet shit talking.
  9. [quote=dr uggiefresh;7321537]from what ive seen....UC for the streets...TCI for the freights! HM a close second!.... HM is definately killin it coast to coast...even seen em here in philly...what about them ATD cats, they had the 612 on lock back in the 90's....
  10. Ok, typo. So who's crushin.... is egon still @? Maestro?
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