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  1. Im outta this thread, its like the ugly manly-bitches appreciation thread
  2. or a fagot who doesnt like feminine women, which are what most americans are anyway, so fuck it. EVERYONE ELSE ON EARTH KNOWS THIS, ITS NOT KNEW. That bitches last name is fucking NAIR! NAIR!! the hair removal shit, and shes INDIAN!! hairy INIDAN NAIR!
  3. fucking stupid accent, americans english is stupid accent too, but you mum fucks really have it worse
  4. fagot, who the fuck doesnt prefer to FUCK a playboy bunny from the SPANISH CHANNEL over an UGLY BORING LAME SHITTY american channel bitch. SPANISH CHANNEL WOMEN > AMERICAN SHIT WOMEN Whether soaps or news, financial or weather What the fuck is bimini in spring, aspen in winter, etc?????????????????????? I JUST STATED THAT I DONT AGREE, THAT SPANISH TV BITCHES ARE FINER, and in real life. THATS ALL.. THEY ARE 100% WOMEN, UNLIKE THESE AMERICAN TV BITCHES THAT ARE LIKE 25% MAN.
  5. thats stupid beer glass picture says mum instead of mom. do you shitty people that write like that pronounce it mum or mom? muhm? or mahm? or someshit like however youd write how americans say it. anyway, no no beef with my dud (instead of dad, get it), but thanks for reminiding me to call. I did forget to send a gift, which sucks, I feel bad about that, not even a card. damn.
  6. ^^^ what the fuck are you talking about?
  7. yeah its just you. them bitches are all ugly, especialy the middle one with the ugly ass nose. the last one looks like a dumbass nagging crazy bitch, the first one just aint shit, looks uncomfortable land frizzy. They got personal stylists and makeup artists and wardrobe fags and shit, and camera angles and bullshit like that, and teleprompters telling them what to say word for word. BUT, the latin spanish news and weather, telemundo, telewhatever, univision, etc...them bitches show cleavage and wear miniskirts and makeup like sluts and huge tits and ass, them bitches are bangin, but THE AMERICAN WOMEN, including the indian and chinese american ones, AINT SHIT.
  8. After anthropologist Susan McKinley came back home from an expedition in South America, she noticed a very strange rash on her left breast. Nobody knew what it was and she quickly dismissed it believing that the sores would leave in time. Upon her return she decided to see a doctor after she started developing intense pains. The doctor, not knowing the exact severity of the case, gave her antibiotics and special creams. As time elapsed the pain did not subside and her left breast became more inflamed and started to bleed. She decided to bandage her sores however as Susan’s pain grew more intense she decided to seek help from a more certified doctor. Dr. Lynch could not diagnose the infection and told Susan to seek the aid of one of his colleagues who specialized in dermatology whom was sadly on vacation. She waited for two weeks and finally was able to reach the dermatologist. Sadly, a life changing event was about to unfold during her appointment. To Miss McKinley’s surprise, after she removed the bandages, they found larva growing and squirming within the pores and sores of her breast. Sometimes these wicked creatures would all together simultaneously move around into different crevices. What she didn't know was that the holes were in fact, deeper than she had originally thought for these larvae were feeding off the fat, tissue, and even milk canals of her bosom
  9. email this posting to a friend chicago craigslist > city of chicago > events please flag with care: miscategorized prohibited spam/overpost best of craigslist 6/14-6/28: Street Art / Graffiti Classes! (Chicago) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reply to: event-6papf-1214261201@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] Date: 2009-06-10, 1:46AM CDT From the people who brought you Breakdance Chicago and HouseDance Chicago, we now present... URBAN ART CHICAGO Classes Are Taught By Local Art Legend Revise CMW We teach beginners the basics of all things Street Art. This will include spray can control, design, lettering, stenciling, marker art, and more! Perfect for art students or people who want a unique take on art! This type of course cannot be found in any art school! Go to http://www.urbanartchicago.com For More Info! New Classes Start June 14th! Free Your Mind, And Your Art Will Follow Location: Chicago it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests PostingID: 1214261201
  10. taking their food to go at fast food joints like mcdonalds. not speaking proper english
  11. singing in public out loud to no one
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