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David Dinkins

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  1. David Dinkins

    why are guys jerks ?

    Fuck you, bitch.
  2. David Dinkins


    Where the fuck are the flicks?
  3. David Dinkins

    Joint WholeCars & E2Es

    I never heard of Geser except for what I've seen on here. From the looks of things his letters aren't too great.
  4. David Dinkins


    This dudes pretty good.
  5. David Dinkins

    Rail Bikes?

    You mean like a bike that you could ride on tracks? I'd like to see that.
  6. David Dinkins

    Graff Girls

    WTF? Screw you 12oz bastards.
  7. David Dinkins

    Adult Swim

    SeaLab is the worst shit. ATHF is tired too. Cowboy Bebop was dope but they reply it way too much. Lupin the 3rd is good classic shit. Inuyasha is tired. Futurama and Family Guy are the shit. That new Hooper and Stroke or whatever is way corny. Oh yeah, and Venture Bros is fuckin' awesome.
  8. David Dinkins


    Thats crazy... Looks like the hood handel is the clit ring... Quoted post [/b] Evidently you are clueless as to where the clit is located.
  9. David Dinkins


    A couple of nice ones in here. I'd like to see some more Twist, Cost, Keeps, Oil and Revs.
  10. David Dinkins

    Graff Girls

    My sentiment exactly.
  11. David Dinkins


    You wasnt writing on the trains anyway, don't get so worked up.
  12. David Dinkins

    I fucked up

    If your life is anything like this thread, you're fucked for sure.
  13. David Dinkins

    how to eat pussy

    You're all herbs!
  14. David Dinkins

    Kem 5

    Not really feeling this guys stuff but looks like he puts in work.
  15. David Dinkins

    What Are You Listening To: 2006

    coheed cambria= Worst band ever. I seen a video from them yesterday, I couldnt believe the lead singers voice. It's bad enough they are doing some bootleg metal instumentals but the dudes voice sounds like this crack head women that used to always be down the block from my crib.