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  1. no i dont htink its a bad thing for divorce to be stigmatised but thats just so people will think about marriage a lot mroe seriously before they jump into it, i was just pointing out that the reason divorce is rarer in islamic coutnrys isnt necesarilly because they are in happier marriages
  2. yum

    So, what comes to your mind

    not gonna bother arguing anymore man anyone that can read can see that what i said doesnt equate to what you claim i said so ill leave it at that
  3. yum

    So, what comes to your mind

    ah good i didnt think you had anything to back up your talk
  4. dawood i dont suppose the divorce rate in muslim countrys could have anything to do with the lack of freedom given to women and the reprisals people would face if they got divorced would it?
  5. they invaded palestinian land in 1967, not at the beginning in 1948 thats actually when all the arab states invaded israeli land
  6. yum

    So, what comes to your mind

    and where in that post do i say any of this? "I have no sympathy for our grunts that were suckered into joining the military and are now fighting for their lives over there" "I refuse to recognise this guys heroism simply because he's American"
  7. yum

    So, what comes to your mind

    its pretty easy for you to attack an argument i didnt even make buddy boy
  8. i wouldnt call the 2 state solution an invasion
  9. yum

    So, what comes to your mind

    its true buddy roll your eyes all you like
  10. yum

    So, what comes to your mind

    yeha im sure i would be, however im not so i can sympathise with the dead guys in soem trench in their town a lot more than i can with the guys from the other side of the world hicking around in their humvee
  11. yum

    So, what comes to your mind

    fuck son youd be tryign to kill him and his soldiers too if they were rolling into your town guns blazing
  12. i kind of feel sorry for israel, the people are so resourceful and had good intentions to start with but shit turned sour due to circumstances, thats my off topic random comment for today
  13. yum

    So, what comes to your mind

    hey a guy that killed 20 Iraqis wow he just achieved the american dream. I'd be damn proud if he killed 20 of sadaams or bush's war cabinets but as for killing 20 poor fucking Iraqi men what makes their lives worthless compared to the american soldiers he reportedly saved? (awaits a reply from bobthefuckingbuilder)
  14. cash, when you feel the need to make a comment that will describe a certain group of individuals, try to be more specific in your description. To say " the muslims are at it again" is such a blanket statement that does no justice to the point you're trying to make. It would be better to say "the terrorists are at it again" or "the extremists are at it again" Or those maniac nutjobs are at it again" but don't say " the muslims are at it again" It's very insulting to me and about 4 billion people who don't engage in chemical warfare but do refer to themselves as "muslims". thanks, man. Quoted post [/b] i think he was joking buddy
  15. you say that as if being able to determine your own lifestyle (so long as its not hurting others) is a bad thing dawood
  16. right on the ball as usual 2342, links to articles you've written on the arab israeli conflict would be much appreciated
  17. gee what a great analogy :rolleyes:
  18. yum

    bill of rights

    hahahaha, this is so rich coming from someone who posts the most inane quotes from the quran about laws and the way people should behave (i msorry dawood but i refuse to believe allah himself picked up a pen and wrote that shit) i'm not an american but i find reading stuff like that and quotes and passages from the founding fathers extremely inspirational. Its so unbelievable ohw highly revered these guys are by all americans but they still elect hypocritical arseholes who act in ways that completely contradict everything america was meant to stand for, seriously though i hate to say it but i think america is past the point of no return the average person is just too stupid for the ocuntry as a whole to regain its prestige and dignity
  19. whats the definition of 'white slavery'
  20. where oh where are our champions of freedom and democracy
  21. yum

    Former Top Aide Busted

    hahahaha good to see wholesome characters have the ear of the top man
  22. youre a dead set fuckwit bobthedestroyer
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