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$2 dollar well drinks

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  1. playmobil is the shit, its way better than lego, theres a playmobil graffiti subway set to. playmobil has like everything, and they didnt sell out like lego
  2. booty booty booty booty rockign everywhere
  3. if you werewatching cable television at that time, youd run a good chance of seeing this movie.
  4. you get drunk with your dead fathers first wife
  5. which way does the water go, when you flush the toilet?
  6. the island from blow normans cay http://www.privateislandsonline.com/littlenormanscbbh.htm a cool 20 mill, they dont mention the whol hostile cartel takeover on the site
  7. hey humanity made it thru 6 6 1906 and 6 6 1806. 1706, 1606, 1506 etc
  8. it was a probably a fake, like the wendys chili thumb. sike
  9. id throw a huge ass pool party, hella naked girls,bbq, music, full bar, tents,coke buffet, hookahs, penthouse apartments in la, frisco, ny.
  10. hes defintely the blackest person ever
  11. definitely the girl, paint is free. the type of girls i want arent
  12. there rpolly getting in trouble fortrespassing and ti was prolly an under witha camera
  13. Re: Don't Call it Frisco the character isnt that bad either....
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