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  1. yo whats happened to this place? theres all this bad man chat, no flicks, and the streets are cleaner than these kids y-fronts. most of you need to stop chattin like your kingin it and get in your blackbooks for a few decades, save the wall space for someone with some style if you think that you are good, you got summat wrong in your head, or summat wrong with your eyes. dont get me wrong this aint a dis just a reality check peace
  2. easy mans, did some stuff like this, got hold of a projector and went around projecting on buildings off a car batt bgarcon is back but not as you know him http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d71/573f/graffman.swf peace
  3. feelin the rk stuff, peace
  4. who's this beow toy, he needs to stop being a little mofuckin bitch, why start a beef with somone you dont even know for no reason, your a clown. graff is about painting not your little fake beefs if you want problems youve found them, if you wanna paint off hit me up. if you dont shut the fuck up before i do it for you innit you dont just need to learn to respect you need to learn everything the walls lookin fresh by the way peace
  5. i fucked it up bruv :rolleyes:
  6. melo i think your letters would look better closer together and maybe loose the arrows and the dots bruv, any help with my stuff would be appreciated, trying out perspective styles init. peace
  7. yo, i might not be in old mansfield but im still thinkin about the good old days.. peace i know its not bricks but.. whatever
  8. soul_patrol


    thats a played image but a nice stencil though... sort the overspray aswell bruv, peace
  9. nah i got dem flicks from my boy perms in london ill try and grab some next time in down there innit
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