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  1. should i continue fucking my ex-girlfriend? i want the sex but not the emotional baggage. ALthough we broke up mutually she was always more emotionally attached to me than i was to her.
  2. leftover crack


    2 today... one power nap in class... one after a large meal nap (those rock)
  3. jackass created a new generation of stupid white kids.
  4. huh? "Our members have made a total of 2,296,519 posts. We have 38,315 registered members. (The newest member is northernlightshine) The most users ever online was 602 on Mar 20 2006, 05:24 PM."
  5. http://youtube.com/watch?v=F-lo-E7dyR8&search=cassidy this is pretty funny
  6. leftover crack


    im really on the verge of signing up for an ebay accoun t and just getting all the games i wanted as a kid for like 2 dollars a pop. cool boarders 3 is first.
  7. leftover crack


    the only reason i got killzone was because it was dirt cheap (used and old) and becuase the name of the title was just so badass. I still love this game. anyone remember the demo discs the original playstations came with. it had like cool boarders, some game with a gecko, bloody roar, and some other shit. THAT WAS CLASSIC
  8. leftover crack


    yeah 8 was the first one i played, pretty badass game. games ive been playing: KILLZONE (this game rocks especially if you can get it for under 15 like i did) GOD OF WAR (you already know) BLOODY ROAR 2 (i found this in the back of my closet the other day)
  9. leftover crack


    you can never go wrong with vans...
  10. i stick to this brazilian soda "guarana" ?sp?
  11. friday - class, drink with friends, pussy hunt saturday - do some work, go to an ex's photography exhibit, drink, get silly, pussy hunt sunday - drift in and out of sleep for the most part of the day, paint a little i hope the weekends start getting more fun.
  12. leftover crack


    the white series looks dope...
  13. this shit sucked. it tasted like tropical fantasy except not as good. i love me some tropical fantasy
  14. leftover crack


    picked up some chukkas today
  15. i was in my boys car and and went through his globve department and shit was filled with indian techno. the cd covers usually had a 34 year old type of mother fucker who was balding and rocking a mesh shirt. had to call him out on that shit. it's funnier if you drink
  16. if you go to eastern europe you might catch up to it and be able to bring a few backc
  17. just broke up with one like this. it has its ups (free money!) and downs.
  18. fuck brewing beer.. anyone ever make their own hard liquor? "i can't see anything...oh my god..i think im blind"
  19. did this jewish broad really just try to break up with me?! wow...
  20. six at night with a two hour nap.
  21. dos howd you get a bottle of that shit?
  22. sonic youth is pretty good live
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