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  1. should i continue fucking my ex-girlfriend? i want the sex but not the emotional baggage. ALthough we broke up mutually she was always more emotionally attached to me than i was to her.
  2. leftover crack


    2 today... one power nap in class... one after a large meal nap (those rock)
  3. jackass created a new generation of stupid white kids.
  4. huh? "Our members have made a total of 2,296,519 posts. We have 38,315 registered members. (The newest member is northernlightshine) The most users ever online was 602 on Mar 20 2006, 05:24 PM."
  5. http://youtube.com/watch?v=F-lo-E7dyR8&search=cassidy this is pretty funny
  6. leftover crack


    im really on the verge of signing up for an ebay accoun t and just getting all the games i wanted as a kid for like 2 dollars a pop. cool boarders 3 is first.
  7. leftover crack


    the only reason i got killzone was because it was dirt cheap (used and old) and becuase the name of the title was just so badass. I still love this game. anyone remember the demo discs the original playstations came with. it had like cool boarders, some game with a gecko, bloody roar, and some other shit. THAT WAS CLASSIC
  8. leftover crack


    yeah 8 was the first one i played, pretty badass game. games ive been playing: KILLZONE (this game rocks especially if you can get it for under 15 like i did) GOD OF WAR (you already know) BLOODY ROAR 2 (i found this in the back of my closet the other day)
  9. leftover crack


    you can never go wrong with vans...
  10. i stick to this brazilian soda "guarana" ?sp?
  11. friday - class, drink with friends, pussy hunt saturday - do some work, go to an ex's photography exhibit, drink, get silly, pussy hunt sunday - drift in and out of sleep for the most part of the day, paint a little i hope the weekends start getting more fun.
  12. leftover crack


    the white series looks dope...
  13. this shit sucked. it tasted like tropical fantasy except not as good. i love me some tropical fantasy
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