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  1. tonzers stackin chips yall...buck buck!! and if i ever got that chance to sellout...i would. then id basque in the hate. id wear that shit like a tan.
  2. yea id say that def needs to happen
  3. what is that ambiguous letter formation next to the Y and C?? speakin of spot jockin tho that roy just dont look right beside that elk
  4. Re: Maine Funk that big cevs hand is crucial
  5. thats one of the hottest radios ive ever seen.
  6. yo anyone else think eatp00s a cop? haha...hhmmm
  7. haha why does straightedge graff suck so bad? for real? it's like it has a toy feel...at least make an effort n down an o'douls once n awhile
  8. this shits hilarious..its like his day instantly got better..he cant help that he likes chicken :lol:
  9. ive seen that guy "jesus saves" around my way on some bridge pillars on the interstate in VA...same scrappy tags...but seriously the guy mustve jumped out at every underpass for about 80 miles maybe more i dont know cuz i didn't drive the whole highway..
  10. was lookin for this spot since this happend...i heard imune was bout to start throwin rocks at a train who thought it was cool to creep up on him
  11. ^^ cuz they dont buff trees...its all about paintin livin organisms yo. paint a shih tzu fuck it
  12. couple years of hard work made that porch what it was...once they had a 5 gallon bucket full of cigarette butts...and another one full of philly guts:D
  13. the last picture on the last page kinda grossed me out some...touch these bitches up with photoshop atleast.. shrimps got the right idea tho. hot broads and nice photos. can i get a little skooskoo
  14. not to be full of questions...but are there any videos out there of the mac. dont care what he looks like ..just wanna see a massive face go down on a wall
  15. they need to come up with a new drink..and call it the cevsmatik...skoooowooop! and respect to whoever crawled into the now grimey ass bear cave to take those pictures.
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