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PA all day

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  1. ...and no my name is not chris
  2. i realize that the letters on my first freight are kinda whack but dont hate on the handstyle...va bammas
  3. yo im from pa and i need somebody to paint them hampton freight cars with...anybody down?
  4. :haha: all day :haha: Quoted post rare breed is gayer then a sack of fags, there all about the money with no love for graff! Quoted post bombingscience.com is all you need...fuck rarebreed big ups to crese tho! Quoted post [/b] so i guess you'd rather pay more money (shipping and handling) and wait a week to get your stuff from the internet...pretty good
  5. jesus christ man, why dont you just draw a fuckin map, so all that shit gets buffed.....use your fuckin head, cops look at this shit, quit blowin up spots!! Quoted post [/b] hahaha :haha: :haha:
  6. do you remember who the OTHERS were?
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