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  1. His parents chose his name in his graffiti tag for his tombstone
  2. I find it funny my post from over 4 years ago got to you. At least Joker came at me with some knowledge. Btw Sivel is a Chicago legend. Had the honor of meeting him. I was immature and egotistic back in the day. I’m a humble hard working married man and a father of two young children. Just came back to pay respect to Misel. Positive vibes and may god bless you all... Stay up
  3. SirSkor4


    Kade... "We ain't really with that talking, bitch we 'bout that action."
  4. Switch the style up. Skor partially unfinished..
  5. Nice to see a bunch of Chi heads doing the connected bottom of the letters. It's flattering. Don't think I didn't notice!
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