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  1. hope that works better....even tho it looks the exact same...my bad on the first post.
  2. heres my submission...first time batte thread poster...threw somethin together real quick.
  3. yo ale in case you havent seen some of these and any other ftc that might be interested. cats heres some more buffalo GQ GOONS flavor. check the link. goons gqRek, Tron, Meth, Scum, Scope, Sea,Kent,Evil, Dark,Star
  4. Naw Meth bk NYC kills it down there. Im from upstate,wny n started writting the name before I knew bout dude down in NYC..
  5. holy fuck! Bumps to this crew for real! Im from WNY and caught some work done on the 390 highway in rochester, dudes killed a bridge or two. Hadnt seen any c4 shit around the area before that. This thread speaks for it-self Keep it up! Meth GQ/GOONS
  6. bump this thread..dudes from Pitt doing the damn thing. and REK Tron. Buffalo rep GOONS GQ...we're Family!! good shit. Meth_ GQ
  7. yo good looks on posting that sticker from Village Gate. I drew that about a year ago when i was still livin in Buffalo...finally posted it up here in rochester spring 2007. great posts.. Meth GQ
  8. Nova def digging some of the styles...and def found my self starring at the Sosa Nova big bombs under the canal bridge off of 390N every day. hit me up for real. ME. GQ
  9. Ive been out of roch. for a min, living in Buffalo. wow what a diff. in scenes, everything here is legal. The roch. scene is dead, unless your some legal writter. There is way to many kids running around the town of Greece and etc just spraying shit on whatever they please, not even spending any time working on a style or flow. Ive seen a few very specific bombings by NOVA, Sosa and Demon around the city here and there. Would love to see more now that I am back in town. and def interested in getting up with some heads to bomb. Meth! GOONS GQ
  10. they will too take u to trial. Lead me right to fucking felonies and prob jail time comming up, Buffalo NY is a fucking joke and the erie county juducal system is fucked. They had more plublicity on my case than they have had on any murder or rape case in the last 5 years. how is that straight???????
  11. i took a felony...looking at possible 6mons in jail or a 5 year felony probation. Im from Buffalo NY tho...not sure how different the law is.
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