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  1. great thread from start to finish! bump!
  2. not another one of these X [
  3. caught alot of those myself, probably the best post ive seen in a minute ! Good one!
  4. Love this thread !!! more transit !!!
  5. always wondered if people ever hit that portland light rail.
  6. this entire page is burning, feeling the new oaph stuff alot!
  7. most were takin on the west coast of canada
  8. thanks to frozenpeas for a few flics ... and im done.
  9. Ill say when im done :D ...
  10. thanks for the info and the heads up.
  11. GREAT THREAD ! I was just wondering if not only kabar but anyone could tell me what intermodal well cars have a sortof floor to hop on instead of the cross beams which dont help much. any feedback would be appreciated or if someone could pm me any info that would also be appreciated. thanks.
  12. crossed out hirok,boris ... kwestx2 nice benching !
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