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  1. much respect for whole cars stolen keep the flics cumin.
  2. ^^^^thats dope. kind of remindz me of REALM,maybe im just buzzin tho,either way keep it up fellaz
  3. tru tru its all chinease to me ay,who knows wat i been smoking but here goes
  4. shot AIR VENT, his shit take me back man. yo Riddimz can u explain my mistake a bit more,im computer illiterate g.
  5. man ikons fuckin dope.requesting more!!
  6. keepin tha flow http://img219.imageshack.us/img219/4023/deusca0.png http://img176.imageshack.us/img176/8156/dylecz1.png http://img176.imageshack.us/img176/1449/alonedi9.png http://img219.imageshack.us/img219/2171/akasic3.png http://img228.imageshack.us/img228/4254/1087mx2.png
  7. ^^^spoken like a king...fuck this tea party,sall bullshit.
  8. Space warz http://img242.imageshack.us/img242/8139/spacewarzyy0.jpg Oxide.TNC.GBAK http://img242.imageshack.us/img242/7789/asx3kn7.png BIG RYZE.PSW.FTC.TMD http://img219.imageshack.us/img219/4586/asx2ta9.png Mr Phoe.AKA http://img219.imageshack.us/img219/4964/asx1pa2.png
  9. that second webs is gangbangin.rockerz
  10. ^^^ thats strait killah.dope
  11. awtopc.aka phoe.aka phoe.aka aka production, characters done by Part7.aka
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