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  1. treks

    Coventry Uk

    any1 got the rest of the fliks from that gathering down cov a few weeks back like the BASIK or SAIM ones????????????????????
  2. rite i cant be arsed to beef cus if i had anything to say i would say it to ur faces.....now take that shit down about me and parker...and get ur facts straight and find out hu ur speaking to....
  3. treks

    lesta, uk!

    Re: lesta, uk! wtf how bout u find out who is really beefing with you and try n have a go at them dont start rippin BSR wen u dont even no hu is chattin shit.GET IT RIGHT!
  4. treks

    Coventry Uk

    all lookin fresh able
  5. treks

    uk wall flixs

  6. treks

    lesta, uk!

    easer basik and emptea,lestar innit!
  7. treks


    liking that able
  8. treks

    lesta, uk!

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