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  1. Are you somewhere otherthan america? I thought daylight savings was exclusive to america...
  2. The first cigarette I put in my mouth was candy. Mmmmmm, cig-a-rettes (homer simpson voice).
  3. I've got a honda ruckus. Its great because in my state, you dont need a license or insurance for anything under 50cc, just a $5 3 year "motorized bicycle" sticker and its street legal!
  4. ^^^^^If youre gonna put that much effort into it you might as well grab some electronics and appliances while youre in there.
  5. My friends had neighbors that would always call the cops for dumb shit, and one night, knowing that I like spray paint, They asked me to decorate their garage door. I didnt feel that these neighbors were deserving of my awesome handstyles and tosses, so I just drew stick figures having sex and wrote every racial slur I could think of. Anarchy signs and swastikas too. Im not racist, I just wanted them to feel pressured to have to clean it up as soon as possible.
  6. Couple months ago I found a $1100 mountain/bmx hybrid in the trash in my alley. Only things wrong are missing front disk brake and front wheel is generic. It was in the trash with a bunch of other crap like someone got evicted an the landlord didnt know what he was throwing away!!!
  7. I found my dreamgirl, except for the fact that she has 2 kids with someone I grew up with who isnt going to like me anymore after we fight when he gets out of jail. Its all good though, I just found out I dont have aids!
  8. Cus' drugs and graffiti go hand in hand.
  9. Bump Chue and DCOM R86 makin' ripples...
  10. Anyone know the name of the song that loops on the "war2" main menu?
  11. I already read about this in the checkout line...
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