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  1. no offense bra, but that is a rediculous statement. who cares who has a thread. turdl is part of detroit graffiti, splat isn't.
  2. for life... its so much fun and i def get a rush from e thuggin....man theres nothing like it
  3. eat eadys ice cream before you go out...and cut the sleeves off your shirt..that always helps....maybe a puffy vest with fur on the hood...if that doesnt work then my advice would be ...STAY OUTTA THE COLD PUSSY
  4. frost those sweet tanks and those old caboose shots
  6. and i think cto and msk merged...its one big crew now
  7. tbag is the man with a master plan...kil kil kil
  8. http://i1047.photobucket.com/albums/b477/underground4700/102_2519.jpg
  9. no need to put personal shit out there like that. especially on this shit hole of a website. keep it to the pm's or better yet, keep your opinions to yourselves. everyone has an opinion and thats why opinions are like assholes. not trying to be a dick, i got respect for both of you cats, but yall need to SHUT THE FUCK UP ON THE INTERNET.
  10. yo flicksburgh, krylon does blow with the exception of afew colors; ultra flat black and watermelon which you can hardly find anymore. Yinz is crazy. why would one label cans. if you are out & about in the city you should either carry your paint on your body or seperate your paint from light & dark in your bag. labeling is a waste of time. now please send me some yuengling and a primanti bros sandwich please.
  11. what happened to all the graffiti photographers? this thread used to rock. oh wait, i forgot, graffiti is lame. bump those hoodies with the scotties on em though.
  12. i think tbag wanted some...saw he took you and relo out several times recently
  13. relo is garbage...fuck a cto
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