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  1. dude what the fuck!!!! Sway going over that wall is unacceptable. Mpulse and Frost are OG's, thats why that wall was left alone. Shit is getting out of hand, Find your own spots. that one is ours.

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  2. Actually I got 2 more questions and then I'm done. Is it true there's no street lights in highland park and what's the people mover like?


    Dude if you really want to look at Detroits problems and failures (the people mover) then either pick up a news paper or magazine and read, or just visit the city for yourself. Just drive around, you will be able to answer all your own questions.

    Haven't been on here in forever, but apparently this thread is now a ghetto tour guide rather than a graffiti site.

  3. You dont hit an old ass man simply bc you dont hit an old ass man. The "game" has not not changed. The rules have not changed. Only the quality of writer has changed and it don't look so good......

    Bump that Stori and no daps to toys with mullets and nose piercings destroying the property of the working man.


    This pretty much nails it dead on. The quality of writer has gone down the toilet. Every new jack that picks up a can has some false sense of entitlement these days and they seem to have bigger egos than cats that have been doing it for ten plus years, i just don't get it. Sad part is, this will blow over at some point and the toys responsible for this incident will be long gone and the rest of us will still be here, and that's the difference between graffiti writers and toys. And yes that stori is real good.

  4. ohio died it seems like. everyone hop on the bandwagon and move on up to the Diddly D? lets some of these catts go up there and paint the fansy pantys art technicolor burners on the street. id like to see those pbjohns catch some more skreet spots. or even some of those ese chaps.! i know they are some skreet killer hundred dolla billas. skraight up


    Please don't move to the D, its not that cool. also the homey ender has been coming here to kill shit long before Detroit became ultra hip.

  5. 98-99 isn't even that old. i have a thrasher with my homey andy on the cover from the early 90s doing a huge method off of that giant ledge across from cobo. its somewhere in my stock pile, i will have to dig it up. Also early 90s was a super rad time to skate detroit, back when the pyramid ledge at hart plaza was barely waxed and had square edges. Downtown was a ghost town back then. There was also very little, if any graffiti around back then, good times.

  6. yo my bad yall. I am suppose to not talk shit to the "other dfw" guys or lds, but man yall are some hoes. thanks for that truce homie it lasted one day, great job. you're a fucking joke. hope your boys hold you down when you move outta state. I know I will. but yo on some non graf related news, gray is still the micheal jackson of detroit graffiti, and yo dism my nigga you never got back to me, you spell your name with a g or a j? I am starting an online detroit graffiti free streaming interview website. if you would like to be a guest on my show, please pm me. all are welcome, even little dickheads. I'd like to thank my sponsors, wish my aa sponsor, xanax my na sponsor, and all your spots I continue to shit on. see you in the streets Im out till next time...





    next time on all DSD666 ever does is talk shit on 12 oz, a dinorama, showing how gray posed with "rayd" and molested a bunch of grosse pointe snitches while pak filmed, homies style. see ya next time. faggots.


    all i can say is real recognize real and you sir are the biggest fake in the world. talk is cheap, see you in the streets.

  7. why talk shit on aires? Most of the people talking about biting are huge biters themselves or are attempting to bite. Secondly, most of you losers spend more time typing than painting. aires puts in work. now shut the front door.

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