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  1. dude what the fuck!!!! Sway going over that wall is unacceptable. Mpulse and Frost are OG's, thats why that wall was left alone. Shit is getting out of hand, Find your own spots. that one is ours.
  2. Dude if you really want to look at Detroits problems and failures (the people mover) then either pick up a news paper or magazine and read, or just visit the city for yourself. Just drive around, you will be able to answer all your own questions. Haven't been on here in forever, but apparently this thread is now a ghetto tour guide rather than a graffiti site.
  3. This pretty much nails it dead on. The quality of writer has gone down the toilet. Every new jack that picks up a can has some false sense of entitlement these days and they seem to have bigger egos than cats that have been doing it for ten plus years, i just don't get it. Sad part is, this will blow over at some point and the toys responsible for this incident will be long gone and the rest of us will still be here, and that's the difference between graffiti writers and toys. And yes that stori is real good.
  4. in regards to the whole dts thing, its not just that it's a historic crew, but it is a crew that is still alive and repped by several well known writers. But that's just my two cents.
  5. Please don't move to the D, its not that cool. also the homey ender has been coming here to kill shit long before Detroit became ultra hip.
  6. i have a 1920's hair dew and i always carry my dapper dan when i paint.
  7. its been a long time since i've posted, but here are some flicks from this year.
  8. this issue was from 1990 or 91, which i'm pretty sure is pre dibs. i could be wrong though.
  9. 98-99 isn't even that old. i have a thrasher with my homey andy on the cover from the early 90s doing a huge method off of that giant ledge across from cobo. its somewhere in my stock pile, i will have to dig it up. Also early 90s was a super rad time to skate detroit, back when the pyramid ledge at hart plaza was barely waxed and had square edges. Downtown was a ghost town back then. There was also very little, if any graffiti around back then, good times.
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