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  1. If all yall heads are feelin this thread, make sure you peep the new LochNess magazine droppping soon, featuring these very flixs plus more hooked up by the man NoNames (Spaz). Props again Spaz...one love...
  2. LOCHNESS THE MAGAZINE Coming straight out of Trenton New Jersey is not just another graffiti magazine, but a zine truly dedicated to the art and its culture. LochNess the Magazine's first issue will be on shelves and distributed online as well as in shops in the US and hopefully Canada as well in the upcoming month. As all good magazines should feature, the city that popularize graffiti, NYC, excluzive bombing photos from all around the 5 boroughs. As well as an amazing special on Baltimore frieghts with trains hit by Kems, Coupe, Dark, Rath, and Zephry and a host of Baltimore's hottest writers. Last but certainly not least, an interview with one of the dopest writers around straight our of the "Down Under," Australia. Never before seen flixs of the one and only Sofles will be displayed in full color in the first issue. Make sure to cop your copy when LochNess drops. Any questions, concerns, comments please leave them here or contact me through PMs. If you would like to contribute, writing articles providing photos or to inquire for booking LochNess through a website or in a shop contact me at lochnessproductions@gmail.com I will be keeping this thread updated with previews of the host of pictures and other features to be displayed in Lochness. Cons, (Co-Editor) Baltimore Frieghts...Preview 8/14 NYC Section...Preview 8/14 Sofles...Preview 8/14
  3. Leak, still tippn and all other dope dope dope ish, good to see ma feelow dirty jerzy boys doing they thing...anyone else rep trenton on here? anyway heres some ish Im nothing crazy but whatever...I got arrested short while back so I been laying low, I used to write Orio, and i just seen an "Oreo" above so Im glad Im dont with that, I write Cons now, looking for writers in Trenton... Iight thats all I got for now...keep all this dope stuff coming through, Savior, Stie...mad props to all
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