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  1. DiaperBaby

    Kanye West

    You can't pin this one on Bush, and as for the dumb fuckers shooting at the rescue/supply helicopters flying over Nawlins, they deserve to fucking go hungry and die. Yeah, I said it. As for the lack of busses and food in the dome, that's the mayor of NO's fault, and guess what? HE'S A FUCKING BLACK MAN!!! Get over yourselves you bunch of "oh I'm oppressed because I'm black" dumb sons of bitches. Every natural disaster in this country, the state was on its own for a minimum 72 hours. Here the government of LA really fucked up and failed. It's the most corrupt state government in the US right now, and it's really showing it. Bush is just everyone's scape goat. Hell, look how fucking stupid the Governor of this state is, she doesn't even know what the fuck is going on IN HER OWN GOD DAMN STATE!!! Nextly, don't go calling me a child of privladge just because I work for a living and earn everything I own. If I can't pay for it, I DON'T GET IT. Do I live below poverty? Well, gee, I make less than $10,000 a year. After rent/utilities/bills, I have a total of $200 a month for clothes/food/entertainment. PER MONTH!!! You would never catch me looting anything except food in a disaster like that, because I am not a fucking burden on society. I don't try to play race/history as a card trying to get special treatment and everything handed to me in life.
  2. DiaperBaby


    He... umm... Moved away from my computers...
  3. DiaperBaby


    NO. You cannot put that ram in your computer you have right now, and nobody should have been recommending that you try it. That old ram is going to be PC100 or 133 SDRAM most likely. RAM isn't going to be "designed for NT", it has absolutely fuck all to do with the operating system. Pentium IVs will have either DDR or RDRAM, most likely, although I recall some cheap early ones using something else. SDRAM: RDRAM: I use FireFox to take advantage of the NoScript and AdBlocker plugins in particular, but it most definitely isn't faster or better than IE, only somewhat safer. I still use IE sometimes if I'm going to be visiting websites that I know won't have any nasty embedded shit, for speed's sake. Quoted post [/b] Early budget P4 systems did use SD ram, then again, some of the higher end P3 systems used RD and DDR ram, so the best bet would be to compare the sticks in the old tower to the new tower. No way to tell for certain with the info he has given us.
  4. DiaperBaby


    Ooh, I never recommend running CS on a drive...
  5. DiaperBaby


    The pin settings differ depending on brand/model of hard drive. There should be a sticker on there somewhere that will give you the info on it. I've never heard of a drive that couldn't be set up as a slave. It is also possible to run your primary hard drive as a slave and the new one as a master, however you would want to format/repartition the other drive to make sure there is no operating system. If you can give me make/model of the drive, I'll give you the pin settings to make it a slave.
  6. DiaperBaby

    Anyone who been on an airplane lately

    All sections of modern planes are pressurized. They do not allow pets to go where passengers go, and they are, in fact, stored under the plane with the luggage. If that section of the plane weren't pressurized, the pets would die at an altitude of 30,000 feet. Now, it wouldn't be hard to rig up an explosive capable of blowing enough of a secion out of a pressurized plane at that altitude with a can of spraypaint and a cigarette lighter. Hell, you could cause it to explode with a flame and a prick on the side of the can, so they wont let you cary it on. Also, if for some reason, the cabin depressurizes, they would rather any items that are under pressure to explode on the luggage, not the passengers where there is more risk to injury.
  7. DiaperBaby

    NFL 2005

    Hail to the Redskins. Hail victory. Braves on the warpath. Fight for old DC!!!
  8. DiaperBaby

    post your favorite cult classics

    DDR Groupies?
  9. DiaperBaby

    Emo Kids Show Their True Colors

    Scroll up and check my link. There's a song that explains it...
  10. DiaperBaby

    Emo Kids Show Their True Colors

    Click Me! Enjoy.
  11. DiaperBaby


    Spiders don't freak me out that much, unless they come out of nowehere. On a common day, I'll walk around the outside of my apartment building and count an easy 30-40 large wood spiders and their webs. I had one attack me while I tried to open a door, that kind of freaked me out, but that's it. Centipedes on the other hand... yeah, I'm creeped the fuck out by them. Millipedes are cool though... kind of ugly as hell, though.
  12. DiaperBaby

    The Football/Soccer Thread

    fat cunts in padding and helmets turn you on? Quoted post [/b] Hmmm.... how can I put this... I love football on tv shots of Jamie Lee Hangin with my friends and twins I love quarterback eatin dirt pom poms and short skirs watchin my team win and twins Redskins Cheerleaders at halftime ftw dude... it's da filthy.
  13. DiaperBaby

    The Goddess Bunny Remix Project

    i'm sorry, what? Quoted post You know... da filthy... as in so filthy with cool it's da filthy. Quoted post so ok, ur asking me: before u even touch it, is it so filthy with cool, correct? Quoted post [/b] I'm askin if it's filthy with cool before I watch it... prety much...
  14. DiaperBaby

    The 40 Year Old Virgin

    You mean Steve Colbert? Yeah, hollywood doesn't care about tallent when it comes to comedy.
  15. DiaperBaby

    The Goddess Bunny Remix Project

    i'm sorry, what? Quoted post [/b] You know... da filthy... as in so filthy with cool it's da filthy.