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  1. i liked all the goze hollows on the amboy cinema parralel to the parkway flick?
  2. exited? nah. but id change your name and drop that wack ass style, because you have ALOT of work to do. more then "once"
  3. 1. change your name its taken 2. you are horrible 3. never leave this thread, its where you belong at all times
  4. is that astro another alias of poser or just a dif dude, similar style?
  5. i made that ny fat connection cap. it was sloppy so the outcome was 2 seconds of a dusty fat line, then paint all over my hands. i made another one and the craftwork is dead on. il post up pics if it works
  6. anyone got a solution for freezing hands when your paitning in cold weather? painting with big snowgloves doesnt feel right and the thinner gloves don't work.
  7. wow, the majority of jerseys mindset right now. toys going over big writers, sidebusting and blowing up spots. cheap fame makes you look like an ass
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