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  1. dope does he have anything in nyc?
  2. you should take those stickers off your cans haha not smart
  3. false, and cage is terrible the person below me thinks aesop rock's voice and lyrics suck
  4. false, the person below me has robbed a store and got away with it
  5. false the person below me thinks tailsone is too tough for 12oz and should leave
  6. false the person below me thinks i dont fit in with all the ch0 heads and that im just dumb
  7. false, the person below me owns a super nintendo
  8. true, im ussually pretty nice to people the person below me loves bringing their significant other to hibachi style cooking food places.
  9. true, im always sitting next to a fat bitch on the train the person below me goes into public bathroom stalls and pissed on everythign except in the toilet
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