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  1. i dont know why you are all being so secretive. Its just a technique that can be applied in more ways than just bubbles. Its not as bad as throwing all these toys styles in the hawaiian borrow thread so they dont have to figure shit out for themselves. LIGHTER FLUID and q-tips or rubbing alcohol. Have at it and try to do something dope. *edit: looks like ya beat me to it.^^
  2. if by best you mean corny...then yeah cassidy wins
  3. beardofzeus


    I just took a nap and it sucked...I woke up feeling groggy and sweaty because of the weather. I'm not the nap type
  4. The things on top are called Arare. They are little japanese rice-crackers flavored with soy sauce. Its good and addicting.
  5. + + The local favorite.
  6. I'm pretty sure I have been banned from it. I know there are a few other relay sites as well.
  7. My friend used to have this cute surfer girl roommate and she was usually a nice person. She broke one of the roommates nose with the butt of a beer bottle and kicked her boyfriend in the face while he was lying on his stomach playing video games. The bitch was crazy. I say NO.
  8. Adobo is good shit. and those little sweet sticky rice things wrapped in banana leaves, i think its called suman.
  9. ABC, wtf? Are you officially retired or are you just saying that. I need to be retired by the time I'm 30 oh yeah 8-10 hours average
  10. I've just started teaching myself to play the drums 3 months ago. I've been learning mostly funk beats. Also can play the congas. I took piano lessons for about 10 years growing up, but i wish I could've have traded it for drum lessons. At least I can read sheet music now, though. I dabble with the guitar, ukulele, harmonica but suck at all three. My family owns a shitload of instruments. I also play the turntables.
  11. As much as I love Hawai'i....Spam gets NO love. Poke on the other hand is fucking delicious...I could eat two pounds of that shit
  12. ummm: poi, lomilomi salmon, squid luau, kalua pork, poke, haupia, huli-huli chicken, pipikaula, kulolo are all AUTHENTIC hawaiian foods. you prove to know little about hawaiian culture. whatever, you can keep eating hamburgers and mongolian beef and chicken cutlet and tell everyone you know that you eat "hawaiian" food for lunch.
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