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  1. its a sign of how shitty this culture can really be, when someone who's shown so much character, put so much heart, and truly cared about their own originality gets ragged in even the slightest. I know its meaningless, but goddamn, some of the greats deserve more than they got, based on heart alone
  2. looks like a beautiful full color piecing spot too
  3. nobody noticed the shot with the faded elk and the deer....ironic and a real nice flick nobody remembers the deer pieces?
  4. marshall tucker


    absolutely beautiful graffiti
  5. more than 50% of this thread is self promo dude
  6. marshall tucker


    this dude is next level shit; its a true shame that creative, original letter structure like this is as rare as it is
  7. that DOS prodo flick was hands down the best time of graffiti in this state in my memory, that was a beautiful set of walls at that time and the creativity was at its highest across the board -
  8. Don't pity this fucker, Shit dude, why does everyone feel sorry for these fucking people, he had the whole world in front of him and he pitied himself way too much
  9. my buddy's beer bottles Heist Rio
  10. are we still allowed to paint that high school wall
  11. Am I the only one that recognizes these guys were all, complete losers who methodically broke down how their confident counter parts lived normal lives. These guys are fags... Look at what they're wearing, I'd rip on them with my friends in public... My real friends, not a support group of losers who claim to be "pick up artists"... This shit doesn't fool any girl in the know; I'd like to know how many of these guys actually get laid; because you can't teach your loser friends how to get to that point with a girl
  12. Only a true loser would take the time to scientifically break down how to pick up girls, real winners just naturally have the confidence and personality to pull off the tricks he teaches on this show. This guy isn't even a douchebag, he wishes he could be one..... Its a great show though
  13. Original Letter Structure, this guy is one of the few who still has and understands it
  14. Have we not seen enough of that corporate logo bullshit? I'm curious as to when that will go away
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