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  1. Sitting at home wondering how many times I have to kick the TV before the electricity fries my brain... LIKE IN THE CARTOONS :king:
  2. Mutilated horeshit....or deeply inspiring? Who are you to say what is or isn't mutilated horseshit? Because cursing is a sign of an immature mind, and and ideal mind is the devil's workshop, thus by the law of syllogism....you are a very young immature pre-pubesant fuck buddy for the devil. I rest my case. Your right this does suck. THE DJ
  3. Punk isn't dead but it will be once CBGB's is gone and then the whole punk "world" will kinda whince, and have to start over with a new fight the power statement cause logik is right you can't be against something that you are so deeply supported by. And on the other hand Travis Barker is a kick-ass drummer...so what ever. FIGHT THE POWER...or whatever it will allow you to fight without legal ramifacations. THE DJ
  4. Yo! I've been to their site and their stuff is awesome. I mean I've seen those little characters everywhere around the interent. Keep this shit up man, this is what I aspire to be able to do. Noice! THE DJ
  5. Richard Pryor was a fuckin hilarious dude. I mean blazing saddles had me rollin'!! Is its true about the way they say you people are? *zipper sound* ITS TWUE, IT TWUE!!! THE DJ
  6. Maybe this isn't my place being a toy and all but I was just wondering does anyone just exclusivly do stickers that they sell/ give away? Cause a friend of mine got some from someone here and I was just wondering if anyone could hook me up with some, or just some ideas. THE DJ
  7. Man I'm really likin' those abstract ones...got anymore? THE DJ
  8. Does anyone know where I can get someone to send me some stickers, that are good, cause I need some ideas and I was just wonderin. THE DJ
  9. I'm liking that last one..nice! THE DJ
  10. I've heard from a few people that Copic markers are almost the same as Sharpie..and I was wondering which is better for blackbooking? And if they (Copic) are where is a good place to get them?
  11. Detroit is back...well atleast in thread form.
  12. Rest in peace...he gone on to bomb heaven...the worlds best canvas...
  13. Thanks, that helps alot, and la creme I will post it in the toy forum..thanks again...
  14. Yea I may be a toy but I try and thats all I can say.....help a brotha you please THE DJ
  15. Insane, I know that I might be a toy, but that is still sweet....
  16. K*Swiss aren't THAT bad, but the commercials don't help their rep any.
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