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  1. [attachmentid=19131]Hi ppl i av found a great way to make home made markers that u will use then dispose off!!! Firstly u we need a sock (preferbly a ankle sock) some strong sticky tape a roll on container and some of your favouroit ink!!! 1.firstly u get a flat screwdriver and prize out the ball at the end 2.then u empty all of the anti persipernt and clean wid water and dry as best u can 3.then u get some ink and pour in to the roll on container i suggest u wear ya mums marigolds coz i did mine n carnt get ink off!!!! 4.role up the sock and fold in halve then stick it in the top of roll on container 5.put some cellotape around the neck so any ink doesnt escape while u turn it upside down. there you have it a thick 4 1/2 cm pen which can be disgised as a rool on i will post pix soon as got cam workin!!!!! :yuck:
  2. is it shit how do u know u must have the recipe then!!!! fucking dong
  3. hi ppl i was wo ndering my mate used my pump action marker and completly fucked up my nib its a pretty good pen i was think some one will know how to make one that will fit plz help
  4. Hi ppl i saw a thread on either here or bombingscience and can no longer find it it was about making ink with either the film out of VHS tape or them camera films please help me as i have inherited loadsa camera film sthat i want to make ink with either post a reply on here on add me to your msn MAXXD_PLAYBOY@HOTMAIL.COM i would be most greatful thanx ppl!!!
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