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Its Ceno

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  1. I remember watching it in school.. I was the only one that paid attention lol.
  2. Its Ceno

    New in philly

    yo I live right outside of philly and im lookin for someone to paint with.. pm me.
  3. isnt JA about 40 years old now.. is he still writing?
  4. let me get this next time its back around philly crack?
  5. http://img125.imageshack.us/img125/9819/dsc000311hn.jpg
  6. anyone got pics from the bbq?
  7. yea you got a nice hand but you should start fuckin with tall hands. but word at seein you everywhere, I take a walk through center city and see your shit everywhere I look.
  8. Its Ceno

    Trading vids

    If you want to trade graff videos then leave your aim or msn. I have... State Your Name The Art of Storytelling Fuk Graff Vol. 1 (this movie sucks) Im lookin for Cope 2 KD and Style Wars. my aim is GIRONDOizm
  9. I bring markers, paint and a camera. also a fat sack of weed.
  10. If your not tryin to see it then you can scroll the fuck down. You dont need to cry about it.
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