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  1. dont front kid, you know you resort to name calling and childish shit. Im sorry if Im a little more insightful and intelligent...dont take it too hard. It's all good though. Keep reppin that chicago hate that we have all come to know and love so well.
  2. wow, now you are super cool. My fault god. Freight numbers? Sorry dude we have streets, roof tops, and cleans to paint here...Um "btw" who's whining? As a moderator isn't it your duty to actually read through posts before jumping the gun and assuming things and getting heated? What kind of moderator are you? well whatever, do what you have to do. Kudos on your freights. What do you write? OH right. You didnt post your name or scribble piece either. Poor baby. Have fun in the woods painting your precious freights. I guess I shouldn't talk because I didnt tell yall what I write and would it make a difference?? if I was say from new york and paint with ces and yes, does that matter? I mean who the fuck are you or I to tell someone that due to someone's stature in the graff game he or she can talk all they want...get your priorities straight kid and shut the fuck up.
  3. I just hope to reach your numbers for posts...quadriple digits...nice.
  4. you know you having commented on other peoples comments just adds to the bull you idiot.
  5. bomb constantly? do you live any of these writer's cities? How the fuck would you know whether they bomb or not? I knew half of the writers in scribble this year, and I can honestly say that they have put in work to deserve a spot. Cycle? heard of him dickhead? Steel? Arys? When, gamble?, heist, scar kills tennessee, revise, nsh, merz, sime, rei 21, hecz, omens...grant it they're not as well known as some writers...sorry didnt send flicks in to magazines for your hick ass town to see. Who gives a fuck? its a legal, if it looks good, it doesnt matter who painted it dick head. mayhem? did you see their production last year? it looked like someone barfed on a wall after eating corn chowder. youre an idiot.
  6. http://www.scribblemagazine.com the message board, you lazy bastid.
  7. goodness, I didnt know cycles uncles and cousins were here to back him up...NOTICE: I didnt say it was wack, nor did I say it was bad or wrong for him to finish on sunday morning...you are some sensitive, defensive bitches for not being cycle. OH YEAH, I don't have to like everything someone does and yes, I am fully aware of his throws and fills...blah blah blah...you guys are so stupid sometimes.
  8. if you want to hear bout the beef, go to the scribble forum and you can read all about it there. This is what happens to shady people...beef will get caught up with you...especially if youre a talking asshole. Steel msk took the best piece Scar close second Arys third why does cycle take three days to paint bubble letters? rei 21 and sime was dope.
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