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  1. Re: Do you enjoy taking shits? Amen, I just took a nasty one, where the poo clings on to your asshole hairs for dear life, those are the worst
  2. :eek: coolest mod in the history of forums. pfffffffffffffffffffffffff edit: who gave this piece of trash mod status? never heard more garbage come out of the mouth of an "authority figure" did you even graduate high school?
  3. Looked through every pic, even of the ones of the italian kid like i said the only pic of me in here is my mugshot thumbnail from facebook... thats all u got on me nig and i even posted my myspace link up. dumb fucking faggots nowadays i tell you
  4. Link to where my pics are posted and I will quit 12oz completely. If not, you lose
  5. www.myspace.com/nickillin That is my Myspace. 1. I'm not from NY 2. I'm not Italian 3. Good try
  6. you think i'm gonna fall for that shit? you must be clownin if you think im that gullible :D
  7. so far you all have been completely unsuccessful in finding any flicks of me, cept the thumbnail of my facebook. round of applause for 12oz's geeksquad!
  8. Look! the 12oz community is still too dumb to recognize sarcasm! who wouldve known :rolleyes:
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