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  1. YoungonE


    the 100 yens cans to the right is def. one of my favs. even though the paint qualitiy isnt the best. the cans itself and the colors are fun to mess around with
  2. YoungonE


    OH SHIT! hot fire! bam! bang! take that toys!
  3. YoungonE


    oh shit!! that tane is DOPE.
  4. YoungonE

    Character Post

    throw some nuts at the oni to drive it away! (its a cultural tradition)
  5. oh yes, you and your 12oz buddies. expecially optick. oh shit dood, this kehd rolls deeeeeeep.
  6. awwwwwww shooooooooooot!~ got em'! ballin'!
  7. i disagree. I'd like to see something solid like that to have a solid fill. a thick outline too
  8. oh my god..that t.v. still has antenas
  9. thpice girlth, nthync, backthtreet boyth!~ Madvillian, Shing02, Nomak, Nujabes, Cyne, Fat Boy
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