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Everything posted by Bumboclot.

  1. A whole lot of nonsense going on in here. That's all I have to add after not logging in for years...
  2. How many pages back did you quote this from to let people know it was 'stolen'? I think its assumed that a majority of pictures posted aren't taken by said poster. People post shit on PUBLIC forums/blogs. Flicks get recycled. No need to mention its not your picture, this isn't a fucking research paper with cited sources. If you don't want other people having access to your shit and re-posting it, keep that shit in your private stock. But don't act butt-hurt when someone else posts one of your flicks, which was probably stolen by someone else, who stole it from someone else, to the point w
  3. You cannot microwave bacon. Your point is invalid.
  4. Was waiting for someone to post that ^
  5. pretty dope video, style for days
  6. Too bad Congress' security is fucking wack as hell. Good luck trying to enjoy your smokable drugs at this..
  7. This should have been a poll. With the obvious winner being BUTT SECKS.
  8. Do any of you have any experience with prohormones? They sound kinda ehhh to me..
  9. Re: should i fart on my new girlfriend? This.
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