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  1. lol naw jus play'n here they goooooooooooooooooooooo
  2. hmmmm who iz this anyways??? (CHARLESINCHARGE) this was done when I invited my nigguh Egor & his skwad to tha East Chicago wall. Can't be tha kats that came through with him that day talk'n shit, cuz they was koo as a fan, this nigguh here iz str8 talk'n sideways. MUL aint tha only ones that came hard in this state. u 4got Kuaze & East, str8 from tha NWI ( thats north west indiana for tha ignorant) But i'm done respond'n 2 nigguhs that come on here with FAKE names talk'n shiit............................now back to tha program
  3. Sacred iz dope PERIOD, fuk internet critics & gangstaz, 90% of them nigguhz don't even paint & tha ones that do, paint like shit
  4. Props to that nigguh Quiter & the rest of tha skwad, it was koo meet'n ya'll at Subsurface. stay up & keep smash'n Tha Nappy like fat girls in toyotaz...............
  5. Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD yeah fuh real. that tortured cat gif wasn't even koo. thats some sick shit
  6. a lil sum'n 4 those who wanna yap about nothing about this state..........if you don't like whut u see just skip this thread & keep push'n on moist azz nigguhz, phat props to IWS & MSKillaz. them Berlin joints are str8 HEAT!!!................
  7. DAMN!! LEKS you snapped like old cheap bra straps on them sketches fam, PROPS!!!
  8. :lol: all i see on this thread is kats bump'n there gums about how wack shit is or there needs to be more illegals, well if its not up to your standards why don't ya'll contribute....oh & most def BUMP that ol skoo SHORE fr8
  9. FLIP & NAILS stamp'n tha east side of G.I.
  10. Man I jus gotta give ya'll, ya'll props fuh real!!! shits clean as hell & i'm digg'n tha steezo. Big ups ITS crew. maybe one day we can do a lil prodo.............. From tha Indy 2 tha Windy
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