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  1. lol naw jus play'n here they goooooooooooooooooooooo
  2. hmmmm who iz this anyways??? (CHARLESINCHARGE) this was done when I invited my nigguh Egor & his skwad to tha East Chicago wall. Can't be tha kats that came through with him that day talk'n shit, cuz they was koo as a fan, this nigguh here iz str8 talk'n sideways. MUL aint tha only ones that came hard in this state. u 4got Kuaze & East, str8 from tha NWI ( thats north west indiana for tha ignorant) But i'm done respond'n 2 nigguhs that come on here with FAKE names talk'n shiit............................now back to tha program
  3. Sacred iz dope PERIOD, fuk internet critics & gangstaz, 90% of them nigguhz don't even paint & tha ones that do, paint like shit
  4. Props to that nigguh Quiter & the rest of tha skwad, it was koo meet'n ya'll at Subsurface. stay up & keep smash'n Tha Nappy like fat girls in toyotaz...............
  5. Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD yeah fuh real. that tortured cat gif wasn't even koo. thats some sick shit
  6. a lil sum'n 4 those who wanna yap about nothing about this state..........if you don't like whut u see just skip this thread & keep push'n on moist azz nigguhz, phat props to IWS & MSKillaz. them Berlin joints are str8 HEAT!!!................
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