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  1. c*gable

    so im probably going to be getting married soon...

    i'm on anti-depressants :crap:
  2. c*gable

    What Are You Listening To: 2006

    operation ivy - sound system.
  3. c*gable

    The Photography Thread

    that long exposure one was pretty dope.
  4. c*gable

    Couch Surfing

    if you're from the US don't let them know that, everyone hates us!
  5. c*gable

    Fuck This Shit Thread - no homo

    i heard it was crap. not funny at all. i have to go to court, too, soon. how'd it go for you? what charges?
  6. c*gable


    yeah, looks fresh. i need a waacom :(
  7. c*gable

    The Photography Thread

    Mmmm mmmm Boston.
  8. c*gable

    Banksy hits the West bank

    He was on the Palestinian side critisizing israel. So the palestinians wouldnt care. If we asume the wall is Israeli, it would start a diplomatic thriller if anything happened to a brit that just painted on the wall granted banksy made sure that thiw was all over the media. but fuck all that, Banksy is fuckin awesome. Quoted post [/b] word. that wall is 20X worse than the Berlin Wall. What fucking fascists those hypocrite jews are.
  9. c*gable

    Banksy hits the West bank

    ahem. <!--QuoteBegin-Banksy@banksy.co.uk Soldier: What the fuck are you doing? Me: You'll have to wait til it's finished Soldier (to colleagues): Safety's off
  10. c*gable


  11. c*gable

    where yall from

    wooo west palm however i'm unable to reveal the whereabouts of my current residence :five-o:
  12. c*gable


    anyone here in london get hurt?
  13. c*gable

    The Street Sticker Thread

    oh man, i dunno why but that's just fucking funny. bravo.
  14. c*gable

    bloc. party

    interpol is damned good. but interpol and bloc party are significantly different sounding bands. both kick ass, however, you're right.