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  1. Im going to get smashed in like Q-Ball???????????????? So you've threatened me...PM me Goldfinger! anyway...... At least the '2ofus' is still there.SWEET..
  2. Yeah,but dont write on peoples houses/property......you fucking twats........... Hope you dont/do learn the hard way!!!!!!
  3. Never say,anybody is the best at this or that...Because there not! I know a few artists'great'at boring Realism!But awsome at creative,abstact,colours!..In there 40's to there 70's...Picked up spray cans.Practiced once/twice.And what they did blew me away! I was stunned...All be it they scoff @ alot of graffiti art..Mainy there gripe/is the colours..Lines/flows!These are artists that earn a damn good living from what they do! And some of them are in your homes....LOL.... Never say anyone is the best....Please.......! Art is loved by all/even the clicky chavy types..........
  4. Bigsnots! your styles fresh......Outside the box... Alot on here seem'its all been done before'... Some good stuff though!
  5. Nice MOBS! Nice fill on the SIAH....Fresh!
  6. Are some of you seriously'grey skinned'while being stoned up to the eyeballs? Get a grip! All i mentioned was theres a fresh piece......'Also ive not posted a pic of it!'As i wouldnt on here..God clicky clicky.... Also you asked why did i feel the need to tell everyone on here? Because its fresh,and if they wanna see it,they have to get off there arse's away from there electric life! Also your way Paranoid!!!!!!!! leave the jesus juice and smoke alone!
  7. Mr Can Control Is back...Check the fresh Pulse down the lines!! Phat!! love to see him and alert do some more Colabz.
  8. Hope you got a new camera for Crimbo! Anyway loving the pissed up look.'Hic'You lot got twitchy arms?
  9. Yes he can FLY!! Guys neat..
  10. Re: Swet flicks Swet owns.............Styleking!
  11. Them boards on that park are a complete mess...Wouldnt be surprised if they take them away from you! Nice sire and mobs!
  12. This is more like the jerry springer thread!!
  13. I was gutted when got train other day,its all so GREEN! Im hoping they havent painted over.......20FUS... That was Fresh,faded yes ,but part of nottinghams graff history...
  14. That gold ceik is fresh! Style in the coal city..
  15. Sawley!! if you dont mind!lol LongEaton was infested with RAC.And got burned by the Sboys! Also more associated with Nottingham than Derby..
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