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  1. great update! where did you see all those quaker parrots? were they in the wild?
  2. the spot i was never meant to explore! looks like fun!
  3. I like those cartoony fish characters too bad about those weak anarchy signs sprayed over em!
  4. If they dont shut me down ill update this with cool flicks later.
  5. We are shutting down our website http://www.weridebytrain.com in a couple weeks. Check out the sick deals we have including these package deals below we have for only around $20! Probably my last post since 12oz bans independent businesses trying to promote. All flicks were taken on a small road trip to a cutty lil town.
  6. wtf!? theory started at 9!! erupto popquiz wyse..
  7. loving that kuma. conceptual freights is where its at!
  8. wild plants at you bench spot!? thats whats up!
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