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  1. hahahahahahaha that shits hella funny. fuck that dead body you rambo nigga. haha.
  2. stix is alright. maca uhh... you're gay. okay there. but on a serious note stix paints hella freights for real. even though he is coming in here and fucking with you guys. anyway whatever.
  3. thanks creme and rideli for the compliments. i guess i'll be getting your pack when i get back from las vegas creme. mr. breakfast you wanna trade sometime?
  4. thanks canvasedeye. ATV i got your pack imma send yours out soon. La creme de la seme i sent yours and i sent ridelis too. alright then.
  5. yo communist. why'd you get exiled dude? welcome back.
  6. Dude Zaru your stickers are hella tight. you never get out and put em up? also wiseone i got your pack. awesome man thanks. also creme i made your pack i just gotta send it. starzabove and dufus i've been workin on yours today. should be sentout soon.
  7. now i'm hella confused.
  8. ah.. i see. alright then.
  9. what does he get out of comin here sayin that... oh yeah also my websites back for anyone interested. Marztek.com check it out if you like. i'm workin on a bunch of sticker for your pack right now dufus. also anyone else wants to trade pm me or somethin.
  10. some of your shit is pretty good but why do you gotta start shit with sticker cats? just wonderin. a lot of people paint but do mostly stickers. some people just do stickers cuz they just can't take the risk of painting. i've been out there stencilling lately but once it gets dangerous i know when to stop. but for someone like you with some talent to start crap with other people isn't cool man. i mean you're good but you aren't that good.
  11. dufus. i got your stickers today and holy crap i still haven't sent mine to you. imma get on that right now and send em out tomorrow. your stickers are awesome man. thanks.
  12. someone made a comment about aresting potheads and not kids selling heroin..whats wrong with heroin? i bet you wish i had some flicks to post instead of just babbling. Quoted post nah i was making a metaphor about how they're arresting the lesser criminals (if we can even be considered criminals). heroin's a pretty bad drug. but whatever no big deal. i've never done heroin so i wouldn't know. anyway i wanna get out and put up the stickers i got from canvased eye pretty soon and i'll post those flix soon.
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