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the goat of mendes

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  1. It was a rhetorical question, if you look up you might see it going over your head.
  2. If your ass looks like that I suggest you buy stronger condoms. I made in excess of 150 models, should I post them all?
  3. Historically religion wins hands down, people have been murdering each other in the name of some deity or another since time began.
  4. Of course they exist, now where did I leave my tin foil hat?..
  5. Re: COMPLIMENT THE PERSON ABOVE YOU - no homo Torquemada; 2000ad "There is only one crime I am guilty of... Being too merciful!, Be pure, be vigilant, BEHAVE!!
  6. First came here to look at pics from around the world instead of getting robbed by Graphotism, oh and because I could find out what old friends were up to without getting robbed by them in the pub, tight fisted workshy bastards.
  7. Playing games got boring pretty quick, so I took up making my own. This is a model I made in 3d max, took about six months just to work out how.
  8. [attachmentid=17368]slice jao.london
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