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  1. ^^^ Nice pic. Brings back old memories. Zen! (but not the new Zen)
  2. Here are some flicks from the House of PainT jam we had in Ottawa this past weekend. I figured I'd add a few shots of some of the Montreal writers that made the trip. Of course the rest of the flicks from the jam can be see at Keepsix.com -Sneak
  3. Hey guys, I just wanted to put up a post to say that I've finished grabbing the flicks from this past weekend's House of PainT jam. I'm proud to say that KeepSix.Com brings you the first finished pics from the weekend - without the scaffolding. :) For pics from the day of the jam, check this update . (click the thumbnails for the full sized photos, and check the rest of the pics out on KeepSix.Com! ...and for all the finished pieces that were painted - click here.
  4. Figured I'd bump the thread with some new pics. All of these are from the latest update, August 2012 - Part 2 on KeepSix. Enjoy. ...Also as a reminder House of Paint in rapidly approaching. The main Jam is on (Saturday) September 15th, and the concert under the bridge is going to be on Sunday, September 16th. -Sneak
  5. Does anybody ever visit here anymore? I'm guessing people are out and about enjoying the summer I imagine. Anyways, if anybody wants to check it out, I have a new batch of flix up from the 613. I just found out too that we have a new area code here? "343" ? I guess we're running out of the 613 area code? Anyways, I just updated KeepSix again, this one is July 2012 - Part 3. Here are a few sample pics from the post (click the thumbnails for full-sized pics): Visit KeepSix.Com to see the rest. -Sneak
  6. I also figured I'd draw attention to the my latest update - July 2012 - Part 1 on KeepSix.Com. Here is a sample of some of the post: (Click the thumbnails for full-sized pics) -Sneak
  7. I can't remember if I ever made a post about this, but I figured I would, just as a reminder. Registration is now open: Register Here!
  8. Not sure if this has been posted already, but I came across this earlier today:
  9. Well, it's June now, so of course, that means another update on KeepSix. I just posted June 2012 - Part 1, and Part 2 should be up by the end of the week. Here are a few pics from the first update (click the thumbnails for larger versions): The rest of course can be seen at KeepSix.Com of course! -Sneak
  10. Hey everybody, well I've been slackin' on updating Keepsix. I meant to get a third update done for April, but didn't, so due to the delay, I simply combined the pics into the May 2012 - Part 1 update. Enjoy. There are about 45 new pics. I've decided to keep posting just the thumbnails (click to see the full size image)... The rest of the pics are on KeepSix. Please click the link provided above to see the rest of 'em. -Sneak
  11. Back to post another few shots - from the last update from March 2012 (Part 4) Since these are large stitched photos, I'm going to post just the thumbnails again. Click the image to see a bigger version: Slots, Pes & Felix: Mopes, Snikr & Cens: Stay tuned for April 2012 Part 1 update next week on KeepSix.Com, or possibly later this week. :) -Sneak
  12. I may as well throw up a few new ones too! ;) The last few posts I've done, the pics have shown up pretty big, so I decided to simply post thumbnails (at least for today's post). Just click the thumbnail to view the larger size. Of course all the other flicks for this are in the March - Part 2 Update. .... A stitch of this full wall can be found here ... a stitch of the whole prod can be seen here. That's all for now. :) Hope you guys are all taking advantage of this nice weather! -Sneak
  13. ...Another update on Keepsix. March 2012 - Part 1 A few pics from the update: -Sneak
  14. Got the February Part 2 update posted up on KeepSix.Com. Part 3 should be up on Monday. Just FYI. Enough talk, time for the pics:
  15. Updated KeepSix.Com again with another update. February 2012. Finally got off may ass. Peep the rest of the pics from the update there. Beauty day out there, that's for sure! Hope everybody has been doing well. :) -Sneak
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