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  1. The spraycan and the trains came out of Europe, and so did America, so who's the winner? :haha:
  2. The_Viking


    CodeRock is straight up motherfucking character King. By far one of TOP3 character writers in the world.
  3. Kegr's taking a bit of style here, a bit of style there and mix it to his 'own' and in most cases it looks better than anyone elses. and that's nothing new, he's been doing that for a long long time.
  4. gues c'est forte stealing dealing killing
  5. I only do female passengers :haha:
  6. What about trying to write proper English instead? (if you didin't get it: Wha abouw fryin 2 wrhyte propah English instead, m8?)
  7. keeping this thread alive... ALL Kneck ALL ALL, WUFC, FY crews, Oslo 2005 Zno, ALL MOALLiance. Mute ALL Soda & Skog, both ALL stolen here, stolen there.
  8. thats it for me, now it`s your turn to post some...!!
  9. About time this crew`s getting the recognition they`ve earned. Even though they`ve teamed up with the VIMOAMSN-lot I think they deserve theires own thread. So post`em flix up...
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