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  1. bump pleaso muther fuckin one son! still gettin hands on them stray dogs!? is the homie from okc back yet or what?
  2. whoa whoa whoa here.....wait just a minute...stop argueing for 30seconds and answer me this. did i read wrong or did hayabusa say women can vote now!? wtf is this world coming to!?!? ...yeah its sarcasm.
  3. ack, this kinda creeeps me out because i know a woman who had a stillbirth. fuckin terrible.
  4. suki has got the eyeee......of the tiiiiiiiger. dammit casek. now the songs' stuck in my brains.
  5. exact same deal here. its' weird, i was never fond of them untill i owned a brendel *spelling?* myself. they're incredibly energetic and rascal-like, they fuckin own period. whomever was driving. should be run over....by a buss carrying 3packs of boxers being driven by that dude ceasar from dog whisper.
  6. haha. i can kinda see suki training for some reason. and riding a bike to training too. wich brings me to another point. next time you give a dogg away....make it a contest. they must fight you to the death for puppy!
  7. ...jesus christ. i like the direction this shit took. from a random rant about hating apart of your job *shoplifters* to so-called snitching and snitch policing, political and personl point of views. some ban hammer talk of kittens and misspelled lobyist shit. and of course... lil wayne. how the fuck is it that 90% of ch.0 ends up with.... lil wayne i ain't hatin. but seriously...
  8. i hope this is some sort of reallllly ellaborate april fools joke....otherwise. yeaaaaah. there's about a dozen threads filled with vida already. and she's a real hit or miss for the general taste of ch.0'ers
  9. DETR! sick as ever. that zeSteel is lookin fresh as hell too.
  10. yeah...pizza from a vending machine just doesn't seem...appetizing. or safe, or inviting...seriously wtf?
  11. ..cocaine is a helluva drugg...and i miss it. .. sometimes briefly. then say 'fuck that shit' and the urge goes away. well...not too sure if i miss booger sugar, or just the party days of youth that went with it? hmmm
  12. Deptronik


    dudes' old english/script and general font based joints are on point. his structure really stands out to me, its nice to see someone make the most of a spot. not as common now a days
  13. word, i miss it as a comfort food kinda quality. they're hard to find in the state i live in now. i like mixin 'em with lots of crushed ice and small amounts of those giant bottles of fruit extract. so they taste not-cheap and really sweet. and like a 1/2 slushy melt sorta deal.
  14. as a spic, i live upto the stereo type that i work multiple jobs. but i would much rather be a lazy over-breeding type. i'm really lookin forward to having 8kids and ruining all their lives. other than that, i'm with caligula on some jarritos. i been fuckin crazin their strawberry joint for a minute now though.
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