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Hector Lavoe

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  1. Gotta give respect to the fact that if they get roped.. it aint goin to be just a charge/jail time.. they'll be a nasty beat down..and i bet half the mofo's in here cant take that...
  2. DAAAAAMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNN.. Good choice of words. Yall (meaning u toys that get no respect, been writting for a couple of years think yall ol school, hating mofo's cuz yall crews aint shit or done shit) should just stay of this thread or move to another city and fuck up there threads. Flugayzee azz nigguhz..Just the fuck up.. We have good history in this city. Dont let the suckaz fuck it up. Fo real delete them no name jits.. :miamivice:
  3. C'mon guys, les sit in a circle and pass the pipe around.. :jpotato:
  4. I'm i on time for the 5 o'clock free CRACK givaway... oooooohhh.ah rock............... :shook: :shook: :shook: :shook: :shook: :shook:
  5. Geeaaahh! Shit I havent seen yet. Damn I miss da 7th-st/airport penet.... Bump the OG's BSK STV IH's
  6. Niggas are runnin shit like diarrhea... :king: Skem Etch Crons
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