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  1. i like those tattooed moms flix i wish i couldve been there! were they the only canvas's with stickers because i gave them 10 or so stickers and i only see one of mine up there!
  2. aside from a few times i had random people see me putting stickers up followed by some small talk about them was the time a neighborhood watch asshole followed me and called the cops on me to get arrested where i got to spend 27 hours in a holding cell with actual criminals and get a cheese sandwich every 12 hours. when the cop asked me why i did it i told him because it was for art and he said 'no its vandalism, your under arrest' trying to be all snappy and cool. while i was standing there cuffed and they were searching my bag one of the other 4 cops that showed up told me i disgusted him. f
  3. im lookin to trade with anyone, pm me if you want or email me at pat_aulisio@yahoo.com here are some examples of the type of stickers i do
  4. i'm looking to get into trading more, pm if you want too
  5. that neckface was on 12th and spruce, i didnt put it up but someone has been, i saw one on broad and locust and a few on pine recently
  6. video store sticking and some shameless self promotion
  7. some more flicks from a afternoon stroll
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