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  1. the stae2 and snatch pieces are real classy that tomb can be a few people, but looks like a tore tm7 T to me
  2. by tenz stolen pic from the brooklyngods site
  3. http://www.wbai.org/ they have every thing from politics, hip hop. computer related shows and its all commercial free
  4. thank you man^ shout outs to all of you that are critical thinking folks!
  5. i found it on another forum and just pasted it on here. i hope you can find a way to see this.
  6. alot of hard shit talking in here, from people that cant even imagine having what little they have in this world washed away from them . this guy kanye was wrong, bush doesnt care about poor americans as a whole!But i feel what he was trying to say, you can tell he was nervous as hell and emotional, under those circumstances we arent always as well spoken as we would like to be. [/i] <center>watch through the end. dont turn it off! see it through to the end! <CENTER><embed allowScriptAccess="never"SRC="http://www.michaelmoore.com/_images/splash/aar
  7. [/i] <center>watch through the end. dont turn it off! see it through to the end! <CENTER><embed allowScriptAccess="never"SRC="http://www.michaelmoore.com/_images/splash/aaron_broussard.mov" width=240 height=196 autoplay=true PLUGINSPAGE="http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download"> </EMBED>
  8. its sick? interesting composition but thats about it. weak letters and that vesh is weak as well, wak letters! shame on these toys
  9. i got to agree, so does the ewok.
  10. that first gable is fucking dope, and you always got to keep a eye out for lions
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